Silk Tatters,“NEC SPE NEC METU”: Brigadoon

Gina Telaroli, US, Digital Video, 17 min, Sound, 2015

Silk Tatters,“NEC SPE NEC METU”: Brigadoon is no longer available

"Silk Tatters opens from a single gaze onto a heavily composited history of nearly a century’s worth of cinema. Telaroli might just as easily have borrowed a title from the man who sat at Pound’s feet and called her video Surface Tension, animated as it is by the automated, athletic tussling of visual information of differing densities for expression within the finite pixels of the digital image. She has described Silk Tatters as an attempt to emulate in video the experience of watching Minnelli’s film on film, a statement which captures her work’s Poundian preoccupation with translation, and which is further echoed by her openness to a variety of exhibition formats. But the work also functions as a machine for expressing the filmmaker’s emotional experience, and explores the formal possibilities opened by the historical situation of the image, whether celluloid or digital." –Phil Coldiron