Nanterre Personne (Do not bury anyone)

Angelina Battais, France/Portugal, Digital Video, 8 min, Sound, 2019

800 000 walkers
Leave the house
Perfect the trees falling hazardous defeats
Interior gardens
Time between reason and desire
Heat flowers and bitter sun
Walk forth the meadow for the avowed joust
To refuse to love blood
To refuse to love anger
Folds to my unknown eyes twisting the real apanage
Firmly holding the nothing, realizing that of it there is no more
Than gaping hands
Multifolds until smaller
From then on some room

A piece of land and what we are taught
There's an association for the youth
When I was young I probably thought like you But today
What a shame!
I don't care of being...
Yes but mom!
Yes that's great
But I don't feel...
Because we need this...
But what are you doing here?
Ask him!
Everything goes to the trash...
A house to live in
They wanted
They wanted to be married
They wanted to be self commanded
Cape Verde wanted to control
It's colonisations, they fought for their independence
Now that he's big, he's going to go out!
So who's the hypocrite in all this?
O que...
Até com o que amo
O creio amar
ja nao me importa
Ate como o que amo
o creio amar
I'd love to make a movie
What are we doing? To clip!
Want to shoot a movie nathan? Imagine we become famous and all
We go outside and we're asked for pictures
Bank account filled to get out of this shit
But hey what do you want, we're planned otherwise
What did you want? to correct it?
It has to go faster...
Victoria !
Eu que creio que no me importa
Eu que creio que no me