MadManWedding_remix 2018

Miguel Mantecon, US, 16mm & Digital Video, 6 min, Sound, 2018

"Tradition counts for nothing when it is no longer contested and modified. A culture that is merely preserved is no culture at all."

- Mark Fisher

Can Space and Time be subsumed by the frame? Does the frame delimit space and time?

"What's your secret to being married for so long?"

In considering my inheritance of images, I am searching for a way to see through time.

"The map is not the territory." - Korzybski

Was H.R. Ocampo a nationalist for his country or for his people? Finding abstraction through science fiction or modifying the lens on reality?

MadManWedding_remix2018 supposes a recontextualisation of a film that was never made. The marriage of forms mirrors the marriage of my sister. From what was before to what will be after, simultaneously grappling with where Cinema is.

Sound Design: James Emrick




by Tim Cooper