Je Proclame la Destruction

Arthur Tuoto, Brazil, Digital Video, 3 min, Sound, 2014

"Two shots from Robert Bresson's The Devil, Probably (1977) alternate in an endless loop in Arthur Tuoto's Je proclame la destruction. The first shot is of a militant political speaker shouting out the words that form the piece's title. The second is of the film's protagonist (not) reacting in a crowd of activist young folk. Once you start watching, it's difficult to break out of this loop, even as a spectator. The shots mesmerize in their repetition which seem to temporally bend and flex concurrently with your evolving observations. The bold declaration of the speaker loses its meaning (if it ever had one to begin with) as you hear it over and over ad nauseam, and the cycle of speaker and listener seemingly trapped in their one-way discourse (and never freed to action beyond these frames) effectively articulates and emphasize a pre-existing notion in Bresson's film." –Adam Cook