Worlds [notes + extras] by Isaac Goes

Interview with The Manhattan Art Review
Interview with Isiah Medina and Kelley Dong

Composition with Grid IX, 1919 - Piet Mondrian

Victory over the sun, 1913 - stage design by Kazimir Malevich

Domino Portrait of Charlie Chaplin, SIGGRAPH 1982 - Kenneth C. Knowlton

Dreams, 1990 - Akira Kurosawa

Sociography of Hunger, undated (1970s) - KP Bremmer

Adobe Premiere Sequence and In the Current Six Thresholds, 1929 - Paul Klee

Dead Dead Demon's De De De De Destruction - Inio Asano

The Louvre, 1894 - Etienne Azambre

Untitled (detail), 2020 - Marc Matchak

Sainte-Suzanne Summer, 2021 - Isiah Medina

Sketch of the DNA Double Helix, 1953 - Francis Crick and Adobe Premiere Sequence

Additional Photography by Erik Berg, Dylan Tachick, and Emily Brown

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